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Where to Start Researching?

One of the common questions you’ll face when receiving a new legal research assignment is “Where should I start?”  There’s a number of places that work as a good starting place, but one of the best is a legal treatise.  Researchers today are often tempted to start searching in a case law database to find […]


The Utah Law of Trusts & Estates

Some of the most useful legal research resources are legal treatises.  If you can find a good one on your topic you can save a lot of research time.  Unfortunately for us, there aren’t many Utah-specific legal treatises.  But, I’m happy to say there’s now one more.  The Utah Law of Trusts & Estates by […]


Changes to Reserve Room

If you’ve looked for something recently in the Reserve Room (the enclosed room across from the Reference Desk), you’ve likely noticed things have changed a bit.  In an attempt to provide better access to major legal treatises and other useful resources, the law library has re-examined the reserve collection and made some changes we hope […]

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