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Lexis Advance This Summer

Lexis has just announced that law students will have unlimited access to Lexis Advance this summer.  That means you can use Lexis Advance for any type of legal work you will be doing this summer.  Previously Lexis has always had restrictions on summer access (as Westlaw to this point still does) on using their product […]


Unethical Requests for Westlaw/Lexis Usage

In a recent opinion the Utah State Bar’s Ethics Advisory Committee was faced with the issue of whether it was a violation of the ethics rules “for an attorney to ask a law student to undertake research using the law student’s free account and in breach of the student’s contract with Lexis and/or Westlaw.”  The […]


Alternatives to Westlaw/Lexis

My last post laid out Westlaw and Lexis policies for summer access for law students.  There may be times during the summer where you won’t qualify for student access and you may be looking for some free sources to use before jumping onto a firm’s expensive Westlaw/Lexis account.  There are a number of free/low-cost alternatives available to you and it would be […]

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