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Hein Search Tip Update

When customers speak, Hein listens and acts–quickly.  I recently received an email from HeinOnline’s Vice President of Production Development, Shane Marmion, addressing some of the concerns I raised in a recent blog post regarding searching in HeinOnline.  He said that Hein had tweaked their code so that the “Turn to Page #” links within “View [...]

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Hein Search Tip

I love HeinOnline.  It’s a must-have for all academic legal research.  With that said, there are still a few minor things I’ve learned to work around to make my research experience better.  One of these is the functionality of “view all matching text pages.”  Let me explain. When researchers run a search in HeinOnline’s law [...]

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HeinOnline Alumni Access

The Howard W. Hunter Law Library is excited to announce that it can now offer BYU Law Alums access to HeinOnline’s law journal database.  This database contains PDF versions of over 1,900 law reviews and journals, with coverage of each beginning with the first issue published.  While the majority of our online resources are restricted [...]

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Citations to Old Cases

Last week I blogged about the HeinOnline/Fastcase partnership.  One of the things I’ve noticed as I’ve been looking at the cases provided by Fastcase in HeinOnline is that Hein’s ScholarCheck (its version of Shepard’s/KeyCite) is available with each of the cases.  That means researchers can easily find law review and journal articles that cite the [...]

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Cases in HeinOnline

A recent partnership between HeinOnline and Fastcase now provides access to cases within HeinOnline.  Until now, HeinOnline users have only had access to cases from the U.S. Reports.  The Fastcase integration allows HeinOnline users to access cases from the Supreme Court (1754-present), Federal Circuits (1924-present), Board of Tax Appeals (vols. 1-47), Tax Court Memorandum Decisions [...]

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Downloading on HeinOnline

I noticed the other day that HeinOnline changed their printer icon for a download icon.  This makes a lot of sense because the articles always had to be downloaded first before you could actually print them.  When first using HeinOnline some students got confused on where to download the articles because they just saw the [...]

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Immigration Law & Policy

Immigration law and policy is always a hot topic in the U.S.  In order to provide additional resources for research in the area of immigration law and policy, the law library has recently subscribed to HeinOnline’s Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S. library.  This database brings together many different important documents on immigration law, [...]

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Foreign & Comparative Law Collection

The Law Library has recently subscribed to the Parker School of Foreign & Comparative Law Collection on HeinOnline.  This collection features a number of works on foreign and comparative law, including American-German Private International Law, Cases and Readings on Soviet Law, and Szladits’ Bibliography on Foreign and Comparative Law Books: Books and Articles in English.  All [...]

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Historical State Statutes

HeinOnline is a great place to go for historical legal materials.  Hein has recently added to its impressive collection by making available State Statutes: A Historical Archive.  This library has superseded statutes for all 50 states, some going back to 1717.  Utah’s collection goes back to territorial times starting with 1855 and continues until 1951.  [...]

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History of SCOTUS Nominations

Nominations to the Supreme Court of the United States are always a hot topic – especially in law school.  With President Obama’s reelection and the recent inauguration, the topic of potential SCOTUS picks is always lurking.  While we can’t predict the future, we can give you some help if you’re looking historically at Supreme Court [...]

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