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WL/LX/BL Summer Access

Finals are over!  Congrats!  Now that “summer” is here, it’s time to answer a question that I get often throughout the school year.  Can students use Westlaw or Lexis during their summer work?  The answer is that it depends.  Each legal research vendor has its own policies on what summer accounts can be used for […]


Legal Research From The Bar

We talk a lot about Westlaw and Lexis in our legal research classes, but there are a number of other low-cost/free legal research resources that law students and attorneys should be aware of.  Westlaw and Lexis are great tools, but they also cost a lot of money.  As times continue to be tough in the […]


Alternatives to Westlaw/Lexis

My last post laid out Westlaw and Lexis policies for summer access for law students.  There may be times during the summer where you won’t qualify for student access and you may be looking for some free sources to use before jumping onto a firm’s expensive Westlaw/Lexis account.  There are a number of free/low-cost alternatives available to you and it would be […]


Low-Cost Legal Research For Free

As lawyers attempt to cut costs in today’s economy, free and low-cost legal research systems are becoming more and more popular. Many state bar associations have contracted with low-cost legal research vendors to provide a legal research system as a bar membership benefit. If you know where you’ll be working this summer, it would be […]


Casemaker v. Fastcase

I’ve blogged before about alternatives to Lexis and Westlaw for legal research. Two alternatives, Casemaker and Fastcase, are provided as member benefits through many state and local bar associations. The Utah Bar Association currently provides access to Casemaker. Other nearby state bar associations, Arizona’s for example, provide Fastcase. Robert Ambrogi’s recent article Casemaker v. Fastcase […]


CasemakerX and 2.1

  CasemakerX is a social networking tool meant to connect law students and legal professionals. (Read more about it here.) In addition, students who register for CasemakerX get access to Casemaker 2.1. Casemaker 2.1 is a low-cost legal research system that members of the Utah State Bar get access to with their bar membership. I […]


Free and Low-Cost Legal Research Systems

Above the Law has recently reported that mega-firm Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell is now requiring the use of Loislaw before the use of Westlaw or Lexis in many instances. What does this mean for law students? It means you should get to know some low-cost or free alternatives to Lexis and Westlaw. In a […]

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