Lexis.com Passwords Deactivated

Since Lexis Advance debuted, Lexis users have had separate passwords for Lexis.com and Lexis Advance–which has been a pain.  In order to move to a one-password system, Lexis deactivated all Lexis.com passwords last weekend.  Access to Lexis Advance and Lexis.com will now be available only through a user’s Lexis Advance ID and password.

If you’ve been using Lexis Advance and continue to use it, things won’t be much different for you.  Going to the Lexis Law School page will look a little different, but once you sign in Lexis Advance looks the same.

If you’re used to using Lexis.com and would like to continue to use it, things will be a bit different.  You’ll first have to login using your Lexis Advance ID and password.  Then you will pull down the Research tab in the top left portion of the screen to reveal Lexis.com. 

Once you click on Lexis.com, you’ll be able to use it like you have in the past.  The one change will be that you can only run alerts now in Lexis Advance and if you previously had alerts in Lexis.com, you will have to add them in Lexis Advance.

Lexis.com will go away at some point, but it will probably be around for at least a year while everyone transitions to Lexis Advance.

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