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Congress and the Courts

Article III of the Constitution begins “The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.”  From the creation of inferior courts to dealing with decisions of the Courts as it affects their legislation, Congress […]


Utah State Courts Forms

As a law student it’s likely that you’ve already had friends or relatives ask you for legal help.  It can be an awkward situation since you’re not yet a lawyer and can’t give legal advice.  It’s always good to be aware of some self-help resources you can direct them to so that they can get […]


Gedicks Papers

Professor Fred Gedicks has recently posted two of his newest papers to SSRN.  The first, Ironies of Hosanna-Tabor, will be published in the Mercer Law Review and analyzes the recent Supreme Court case about the “ministerial exception” of the Religion Clause of the Constitution.  The second, With Liberty For All: A Defense of the Affordable […]


Reprimand for Unauthorized Westlaw Use

A lawyer licensed in Oregon and Hawaii was publicly reprimanded by the Oregon Supreme Court and the Hawaii Supreme Court for continued use of a Westlaw account from his former job as a special prosecutor for the Republic of Palau.  The Legal Profession Blog recently reported the Oregon Supreme Court decision and the National Law […]


Disaggregating Disasters

Professors Lisa Grow Sun and RonNell Andersen Jones have recently posted their newest article, Disaggregating Disasters, to SSRN.  Their article has been accepted for publication in the UCLA Law Review.  More articles from Professors Sun and Jones are available here and here.


Circuit Splits

Circuit splits are a popular topic for student law journal Notes.  About this time of year, law journal editors are beginning (or at least think about beginning) to ponder their Note topics.  If you’re looking for a circuit split and can’t find one, there are a few good resources out there that might help you find […]


Leadership Library

  Next week is Placement Break and we know many of you will be working on securing a job.  The Library has a few resources that can supplement your job search.  One of them is an electronic source called The Leadership Library.  The Leadership Library is a directory of people across a wide variety of […]


Goldsmith Article Published Posthumously

BYU Law Professor Michael Goldsmith always taught his students to be “can do” lawyers.  He certainly was one himself.  Even when he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, Goldsmith worked relentlessly to raise awareness and money to fight the disease.  Goldsmith passed away in 2009. At the time of his death, Goldsmith was working on […]


October’s First Monday

Until I came to law school I never realized that the first Monday in October was any different than other Mondays–October or otherwise.  But, I quickly learned that the first Monday in October means that the Supreme Court is back in session.  That means today marks the start of the 2012 term. For news and […]

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